Turmoil at Rosreyestr delays creation of cadastral register

Coruption suspicion and organisational problems at Rosreyestr, the state land registry, may complicate the introduction of new cadastral register in Russia.

According to Russia's economic development minister, Aleksey Ulyukayev, Yuri Akinshin, the head of the Rosreyestr, has been dismissed. Mr Akinshin's dismissal came after the deputy head of the service, Sergey Sapelnikov, was dismissed on 26 September and fled abroad.

Following Mr Sapelnikov's dismissal the economic development ministry examined the situation at the service. Their examination of the service was triggered by the findings of Russia's Accounts Chamber which had audited the programme for the inception in of a cadastral register. In June 2013 the chamber reported financial irregularities amounting to RUB 23.9bn (€0.54bn), including the misuse of funds amounting to RUB 2.5bn (€57m). Furthermore the register has not yet been established. It is estimated that in early October it lacked information about 40% of all properties in Russia.

As PMR reported on different occasions, establishing the cadastral register is one of the crucial conditions for implementation of the new single real estate tax, to come in force since 1 January 2014.