Alpine Bau abandons construction of A1 bridge

Alpine Bau has announced that it is pulling out of a project to build the MA 532 bridge in Mszana along the A1 motorway between Swierklany and Gorzyczki. The General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) has called upon the company to justify its decision for doing so.

The Alpine Bau consortium won a tender to construct an 18.3 km section of the A1 motorway. The road was to have been completed by January 2010. However, in December 2009 the GDDKiA terminated the contract as the Alpine Bau was well behind schedule. The dispute went to court and the directorate called a tender to complete the investment which the contractor won once again. This time the road was to have been ready by the summer of 2012, but at the beginning of last year faults were found in the bridge and the parties blamed each other. The building inspectorate suspended the investment and ordered additional repairs to be carried out. Now Alpine has terminated the contract to build the bridge as the directorate had demanded the company pay a €12m bank guarantee. GDDKiA believes that this is proof of the fact that the contractor halted work on the bridge not for technical reasons, but rather because of financial difficulties. Alpine has threatened that in light of the current situation it may also stop work on the construction of the S5 in Wielkopolska and national road No.16 in Masuria region.